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“Cactus of the South, southern cactus”, because this genus is only found in southern South America.
A genus of small low-growing plants, solitary or branching at the base, of slow growth rate, stems tender and fleshy, with low ribs divided Into tubercles. Spines are straight or hooked.
Flowers diurnal, autosterile, subapical or lateral, bell-shaped, pollinated by bees. Fruits spherical to oblong, with
irreguiar or basal dehiscence, floral remains persistent. Seeds more or less ovate, tuberculate, wrinkled.
The genus Austrocactus grows In Patagonia between Chile and Argentina, practically from sea level up to 4000 m in
altitude, in full sun or among bushes, on stony or sandy soils, and is very polymorphic.
Argentina (Chubut, La Pampa, Mendoza, Neuquén, Río Negro, Santa Cruz), Chile (Maule, Santiago).

Currently 7 recognised species:
– Austrocactus bertinii* (Cels ex Herincq) Britton & Rose 1922 (= A. patagonicus)
– Austrocactus coxii* (K.Schum.) Backeb. 1959
– Austrocactus ferrari R.Kiesling, E.Sarnes & N.Sarnes 2012
– Austrocactus hibernus F.Ritter 1963
– Austrocactus longicarpus E.Sarnes & N.Sarnes 2014
– Austrocactus philippii* (Regel & Schmidt) Buxbaum 1963
– Austrocactus spiniflorus (Phil.) F.Ritter 1963

References: "TAXONOMY of the CACTACEAE" -  ISBN 978-84-617-3723-9 (Vol. 1)


4 Replies to “AUSTROCACTUS”

  1. “Habitat: The genus Austrocactus grows In Patagonia between Chile and Argentina, practically from sea level up to 4000 m in”
    JK – it’s not true, no more than grow A.ferrarii about 2700m…

  2. Dear Jiri,
    I agree with you, this is a big mistake, Austrocactus hibernus is found up to 2900m.
    I am preparing the third volume of Taxonomy of the Cactaceae where each taxon is detailed ; It seems that no Austrocactus is growing over 3000m in alt.
    Thank you for highlighting this.
    Best Regards,
    Joel Lodé,

  3. This website is not mine, but a compilation (unofficial) of some of my work.
    My work is not named the Last classification, as I am working on volumes 3-4, Description of the species, and, have completed the work done by Elisabeth and Norbert Sarnes about Austrocactus.
    Many taxa have been published since Taxonomy of the Cactaceae in 2015 and they will be in my book.
    This task is never finished though!
    Joël Lodé

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